Important: If the plug-in ceases to function or disappears from your Google Chrome calendar options, uninstall and reinstall the plug-in.


The Virtual Office Meetings for Google Calendar plug-in allows you to schedule a VO Meeting and send meeting invites from your Google Calendar with just a click. Check the availability of your meeting attendees, pick a time that works for all, and make any needed updates directly in Google Calendar to adjust meeting details. The meeting invitation email includes the link to join the meeting virtually. Highlights include the following capabilities:

  • Users can schedule a meeting directly from Google Calendar.
  • The Host receives both an email calendar invitation for attendees and a separate email calendar invitation with host details.


Install Plug-In

How It Works

From the Host Side

  • Schedule a meeting leveraging Google Calendar features to display the availability of all parties.
  • Receive an email with host details only (host ID number) that is added to the host calendar.
  • Display two meetings on the Google Calendar concurrently, one with only guests details and one with only host meeting information. The benefit to this is that the host will not need to disclose the host ID number when forwarding the Google event invitation.
  • Utilize Google Calendar features such as viewing guest acceptance status (Yes, Maybe, No).

From the Guest Side

  • Receive a standard Google Calendar invitation that syncs with their calendar and allows a quick response on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Receive meeting updates and cancellation notifications that sync directly with their Google Calendar.

To Install and Use Virtual Office Meetings for Google Calendar

  1. Uninstall previous versions of the Virtual Office Meetings Google Chrome extension if you have used it before.
  2. Download the plug-in from the Google Chrome Store by clicking + Add to Chrome.
  3. Click Add extension to confirm and install the plug-in.
  4. In the Google pop-up, click Allow to grant the plugin access to your Google Calendar.
  5. Navigate to Google Calendar to set up a new meeting.
  6. Click Login next to Add a Virtual Office Meeting to activate the plug-in. Enter your 8x8 login credentials and click Login.
    Note: If you are already logged in, you will see a blue Add a Virtual Office Meeting button. Click it to add a Virtual Office Meeting.
  7. Edit meeting details as you would with a standard Google Calendar event.
  8. To toggle meeting settings, click the gear icon(Note: Currently, meetings start with all participants muted. Access Settings to disable this requirements.)

  9. Save the Meeting.
  10. To modify or edit a new meeting, open the meeting from Google Calendar.
  11. Edit meeting details and click Save. Note: There is no need to activate the plug-in in this step.