When you log in to access the 8x8 Support Knowledge Base, you see an error message that reads: Your 8x8 account setup is not yet complete. Please contact your system administrator for assistance.

You are also unable to access the Get Support sidebar widget and online case submission form.


For 8x8 Virtual Office services, most likely, an 8x8 User Profile has been created and assigned to you, but not associated with an extension on your 8x8 system. Full use of 8x8 Support features is dependent upon some information that is included in both your User Profile and your extension details.

The other possibility is that you are accessing with credentials built for a demo, sandbox or test account, which would not qualify for all 8x8 Support services and features.


8x8 system administrators should ensure that all end User Profiles are assigned to an extension on the phone system. Click  here for details on editing extension details in Account Manager.

Affected users should then fully log out of both the 8x8 Support site and from the 8x8 Application Panel at Then log back in to see changes.