Enhanced 911 or E911 service enables telephones used to dial 911 to automatically transmit the caller's geographic position to emergency responders.

E911 Service Fee

E911 service is mandatory for all inbound/outbound traditional fax and voice service plans (but is not offered on virtual or toll-free numbers, or similar service accessories or add-on plans). The E911 Service Fee (in addition to any applicable state 911 tax based on customer's service address) is assessed per qualifying line/phone number, and is priced at a level that helps 8x8 recover the direct costs incurred in providing E911 service. 8x8 reserves the right to adjust the level of charges associated with the provision of E911 services to reflect increases or decreases in these costs.

For more, see the 8x8 Business Terms (sections 6.5 and 6.6).

E911 Tax

E911 taxes are levied based on a given customer's location and the requirements of the governing body. These amounts are not set or controlled by 8x8, and will vary among geographic regions. Some customers may not be required to pay E911 tax.