Since the late evening of September 10, 2016, when attempting to use your 8x8 Panasonic phone, you are unable to get a dial tone or make/receive calls.


A network event experienced by 8x8 on September 10, 2016, caused some Panasonic phones to briefly lose connectivity. A number of these lost registration and did not auto-recover.


Restore connectivity by simply rebooting your Panasonic base station(s).

To do so, unplug the power from the base station briefly, then plug it back in. This will allow the base station to re-register with 8x8 services, and all handsets connected to it should then become usable.

Note: In order to account for devices receiving power over Ethernet (POE), we advise you to disconnect all cords from the base station during this process, then plug them back in. If the base station is plugged into a switch, the switch should be power cycled, as well.

This is what the Panasonic KX-TGP600 DECT base unit looks like: