Conference bridges allow users to schedule and manage pre-planned conference calls. Once in progress, up to 15 participants are able to call in and join without being manually added in.

To learn how to complete a simple three-way call, click here.

To Set Up a Conference Bridge

  1. Dial 556 from your 8x8 extension.
  2. At the menu, press 2 to create a conference.
  3. Enter your extension number, then press #.
  4. Enter your voicemail password, then press #.
  5. Select the type of conference you would like:
    • Expires in 2 weeks.
    • Non-expiring.
    • Custom expiration date.
  6. A voice playback will advise you of the conference access code and expiration date (if applicable).

Email Confirmation: A confirmation email will be sent to the email address associated with your extension. To let participants know about the conference, edit this email to include date and time of the call, call details and dial-in instructions, if needed. Then send it to your conference participants.

To Join a Conference Bridge (from your 8x8 extension)

  1. From your 8x8 extension, dial 556.
  2. At the menu, press 1 to enter the conference.
  3. Enter the access code provided in the email confirmation, then press #.
  4. State your name (if prompted).

To Join a Conference Bridge as an External Participant (from a non-8x8 number)

There are four ways external participants can join your conference call:

  1. Dialing in via an option in your Auto Attendant.
  2. Adding Participants by Dialing Out (administrator only; international dial out not permitted):
    1. Press * and wait for the recording to play. (You must wait and allow the recording to fully play.)
    2. Press 5 to enter the administrator mode.
    3. At prompt, enter your administrator (voicemail) password, then press #.
    4. Press 2 to add a participant to the conference.
    5. At prompt, enter the phone number of the participant you wish to add.
  3. Transferring an incoming call to 556.
  4. Using a Dial-in (Virtual) Number: If you want a direct dial-in number for external conference participants, you can purchase a regular or toll-free number from 8x8. These Virtual Numbers cost as low as $4.99 per month. Once you have one of these numbers assigned to your conference bridge, you can use it as your regular conference bridge dial-in in number for outside callers.

For more, see the 8x8 Conference Bridge Administrator Guide.