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DRAFT | Service Addresses - Sites, Additional, & Emergency
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DRAFT | Service Addresses - Sites, Additional, & Emergency



This page provides a breakdown of the three different service addresses listed in a users profile in the 8x8 Admin Console. 

Service Address Types

  • Site Address
  • Emergency Address
  • "Additional Information" Address 

Site Address

  • Sites simplify administration for all users within a site by applying common properties, such as emergency address, language, dial plan, time zone, as well as the ability to manage advanced call handling options such as receptionist dialing. 
  • Administrators can confirm which Site a user is assigned to by editing a users Profile, under the "Basic Information" section. 
  • Administrators can edit or create a new Site by:
    1. Selecting "Sites" tile on the Home page
      • To Create a new Site - select "Create Site" in the top-right corner, OR
      • To Edit an existing Site select the pencil icon next to the Site that needs to be edited
    2. The Emergency Address for the Site can be located under the "Emergency" section 
  • The Site Address will be used for a users E911 address by default. 
  • This allows Administrators to quickly update the Site address. For example, if moving to a new building the Administrator would just need to update the address at the Site level, and all extensions will have the "Same as Site" setting.

Sites within a User Profile



Editing Sites from Home Page


Emergency Address

  • A users Emergency address can be found when editing a Users Profile, under the "Emergency Address" section. 
  • When creating a new user, the Emergency address will default to the same address set for Site Address. 
  • Administrators have the option to set the individual users Emergency address to the same Site, or change it for each user.
  • Optional: There is also an option to use the bulk upload (Home > Users > Bulk Upload) to update the Emergency Address via .csv template.  


"Additional Information" Address

  • The "Additional Info" address listed in a Users Profile is based off of the 


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