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8x8 Support

Proactive Outreach Partner Support Process


Customers reporting issues with Proactive Outreach are to be supported and escalated per the following procedure.

Applies To

  • Proactive Outreach
  • 8x8 Contact Center


  1. Perform initial triage to determine if there is an issue.
  2. Once established that there is an issue with the service, raise the issue to 8x8 Support.

Initial Triage

Partners should perform initial triage for omni-campaigns related cases in order to gather as much information as possible before raising the query.

Details to Collect

  • Explanation of issue
  • Example mobile numbers affected
  • Time/date of message issue
  • Reference ID’s where possible 
  • Connect account name
  • Connect sub account ID

Examples of Possible Issues 

  • Unable to log in
  • Outbound messages not delivered
  • Inbound messages not received in contact center
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