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How to Install 8x8 Work for Freshdesk Integration


For concise instructions on how to install and use the 8x8 Work integration for Freshdesk, please see the online guides below:

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Requirements and Limitations

  • This integration is currently available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia, and New Zealand. 
  • Requires installation by a Freshdesk administrator.
  • Google Chrome is recommended to ensure a smooth experience.
  • For consistent search and call pop results, Freshdesk Contact phone numbers should be stored in US 11-digit format.
    • Example: 14085551212
  • The communication panel is launched in a floating window.
  • Only Contacts in Freshdesk are supported.
  • With 8x8 Contact Center configured to allow Agents to select multiple Transaction Codes, the integration is only able to send one Transaction Code (the last selected) to Freshdesk.
  • Single Sign On is not supported.

Download the Integration

The Freshdesk integration installation file for 8x8 Work and Contact Center is located here:

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