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8x8 Work for Zendesk: Caller lookup, contact search, and call log writes all fail


In this scenario, the Zendesk user experiences the following three symptoms when logged into the 8x8 Work for Zendesk integration communication panel:

  • All inbound and outbound calls display Unknown in the comm panel and no contact is popped, even when a contact with the associated phone number is stored in Zendesk.
  • All name and phone number searches fail in the comm panel Search tab.
  • Call records are not stored in Zendesk when a call ends.


Applies To

  • 8x8 Work for Zendesk Integration v3.1
  • Zendesk


These issues occur together when the Zendesk user has not selected the option to allow the 8x8 integration to access their Zendesk account.


When each Zendesk user clicks on the 8x8 icon clipboard_e886532bca5c1ca67328e3b63a9bfeebc.png (at the top of the page) to launch the 8x8 communication panel for the very first time, they should receive a web browser tab pop for 8x8, requesting access to their Zendesk account.

To resolve the issues:

  1. The user must click Allow for the integration to function properly.
    • If instead the user closes the browser tab or clicks Deny, the integration will continue to fail on every search, call, and call log write.

The prompt to allow the 8x8 integration to access Zendesk is a one-time process.

Although it will continue to appear if it is denied or ignored, it will not appear again after the user clicks on Allow.



If the access request browser tab does not appear when it should (see above), the user should make sure that:

  • Popups are not blocked for 8x8 in their web browser.
  • Third-party cookies are not blocked for 8x8 in their web browser.

In the 8x8 communication panel, also make sure that Settings clipboard_e7af797a618feb65a37d1a37166103e72.png > Integrations > Zendesk has a Connected status.

  • If the communication panel displays Not connected, click on the Connect button. This will re-launch the access request prompt. The user must then click Allow.
  • Once access is granted to 8x8, the integration will connect to Zendesk, the newly-popped browser tab will close, and the connection status will change to Connected.

Zendesk_Not_Connected.jpg  Zendesk_Connected.jpg

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