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8x8 Work for Zendesk: Configuring 8x8 Account Manager user profiles for Single-Sign On


To have your agents log in automatically to the 8x8 integration when logging in to Zendesk, you must configure your Zendesk agent usernames in their 8x8 user profiles.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work for Zendesk Integration
  • 8x8 Account Manager
  • Automated 8x8 integration SSO login


Account Manager

  1. Log in to Account Manager as an administrator.
  2. Go to Accounts > User Profiles.
  3. Create a new user, or from the list of existing users, click Edit next to the desired user to view user profile settings.
  4. In the user settings, enter the user's username as a Zendesk agent next to Zendesk ID.
  5. Save your changes to the user, and repeat for each user you want to enable as an agent.