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8x8 Work for Zendesk: Configuring 8x8 Admin Console user profiles for Single-Sign On


This guide will show you how to configure both Zendesk and 8x8 Work users for simultaneous login to the Zendesk integration when they log in to Zendesk.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work for Zendesk Integration v3.1 (Maestro)
  • 8x8 Admin Console
  • 8x8 X Series Accounts
  • 8x8 Single Sign-On service
  • Zendesk


To enable 8x8's SSO login service for 8x8 Work for Zendesk integration users, complete the steps in each of these sections:

8x8 Admin Console User Configuration

Each 8x8 user profile must be configured in the 8x8 Admin Console, to enable those users for automatic login to the 8x8 Work for Zendesk integration.

To configure individual users:

  1. Log in as an Administrator to the 8x8 Admin Console.
  2. In Home > Users, Locate the user you are configuring, and click on the Edit (pencil) icon.


  1. In Basic information at the very top of the page, copy the user's Username.
    • Note: If the Zendesk user's 8x8 Username is different from their Zendesk username, skip this step!


  1. Scroll down to the Third-party integration section. (See the screenshot below.)
  2. Click on the Third party dropdown menu and select Zendesk ID.
  3. In the Username section, type or paste in the user's Zendesk login ID.
Important-Icon.png Important: The Third-party integration section is visible only for users who have been assigned an 8x8 X2 license, or higher.


  1. Finally, click Save at the bottom of the page. A banner message at the top of the page should appear, stating that the settings were saved.


Zendesk Configuration

Next, the 8x8 Integration app in Zendesk must be modified.

  1. Log into Zendesk as an administrator.
  2. Click on the Admin (gear) icon at the left.


  1. Click Manage.


  1. In My Apps > Currently Installed, hover your mouse cursor over the 8x8 application icon and click on the Settings dropdown menu.
  2. Click Change settings.


In the Installation section of the 8x8 Integration, enter the appropriate text into the following settings fields:

  1. Virtual Contact Center must be set to false (in lower case).


  1. SSO Mode must be set to true (in lower case).


  1. Click Update at the bottom of the page. You should receive a confirmation message stating that the changes were applied.


  1. Finally, if any users who were logged into Zendesk at the time changes above were made, they should log out of and back into Zendesk for those changes to take effect.

Now when those users log into Zendesk and click on the 8x8 icon clipboard_e886532bca5c1ca67328e3b63a9bfeebc.png at the top of the screen to launch the communication panel, they should automatically be logged into their assigned 8x8 user profile.