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8x8 Work for Zendesk: HTTP Status 404 - Not Found


When clicking on the 8x8 icon in Zendesk to load the 8x8 Work communication panel, the agent receives the following error:

  • HTTP Status 404 - Not Found


Applies To

  • 8x8 Work for Zendesk v2.2
  • Zendesk


This issue is caused by one or more corrupted 8x8 web browser cookies.


Follow these steps in Google Chrome to clear only your 8x8 web browser cookies.

For other browsers you will need to follow a similar procedure to delete your 8x8 cookies, specifically.

  1. First, close your Zendesk session browser tab.
  2. Click on the Chrome Customize button clipboard_e896b4bc6165d697e3c2a3106788d03d0.png at the top-right of the browser and click Settings.
  3. Search for Site Settings and click on it.
  4. Click on Cookies and site data, then click on See all cookies and site data.
  5. In the Search cookies field, search for 8x8.
  6. Click Remove All Shown and confirm (if prompted) to delete all cookies associated only with 8x8.
  7. Finally, open a new Zendesk browser session and click on the 8x8 integration icon.

The 8x8 communication panel should now display the 8x8 Virtual Office login page.