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How to Assign an Unknown Call in 8x8 Work for Bullhorn


When a call is connected to a phone number that is not assigned in Bullhorn, the 8x8 communication panel will display Unknown and No Matched Records, and cannot automatically assign the call record to a specific Bullhorn object.

This guide will quickly show you how to assign your call before or after that call has ended.



For either of the following processes to work, Auto Call Logging must be enabled in the communication panel settings. This feature automatically forces a call log (Note) to open and be saved, even if your call has not been assigned.

Navigate to Settings VOBullhorn_Setup_Gear_Icon.jpg > Integrations > Bullhorn in the 8x8 comm panel, and verify that Auto Call Log is enabled VOBullhorn_Enabled_slider_Icon.jpg.

How to assign a record during a live call

To assign your call record while your call is still connected, you'll need to create the Bullhorn object to assign your call to before disconnecting.

Note that only Contact, Candidate, Lead, or Opportunity are supported by the integration.

  1. First, create and Save the new Bullhorn object you're assigning the call to. Remember to add the connected phone number to the object.
    • Typically you would click the + Add button in Bullhorn and select the desired object to create.


  1. Return to the 8x8 communication panel and click on the Search tab.
  2. In the Search field, delete the listed phone number and re-add it. This will initiate a new search and should discover your new object.
  3. Click on the check mark icon VOBullhorn_Unknown_Unchecked_Icon.jpg at the top-right of the new entry. The icon will turn blue VOBullhorn_Unknown_Checked_Icon.jpg.
  4. Return to the VO tab of the comm panel and note that your Bullhorn object is now assigned to the call.
  5. When you end your call, a call log Note will pop, and must be saved for the record to appear in Bullhorn.

clipboard_eef83f9b517ea12e6461d7ae746a5b520.png  clipboard_e47d0de9caa2a8b3f93e4deeaf9877d1e.png

How to assign a record after your call has ended

If your call ended and was not been assigned to a Bullhorn object in the comm panel, from the comm panel you can re-open the Bullhorn record which originally popped when your call ended.

  1. Click on the Call Log icon VOBullhorn_Call_Log_Clock_Icon.jpg to see a list of your registered calls.
  2. Locate the call which was not assigned. In this case, only the phone number will be displayed.
  3. Hover your mouse over the call record and click on the Notes icon VOBullhorn_Call_Log_Notes_Icon.jpg when it appears. This will launch the Bullhorn call log Note which popped when your call ended.
    • Note: If you did not save the note at that time, the option to launch the call log from the 8x8 comm panel will not appear.

clipboard_ef6585e6a781eff779df8dd524dbadf23.png  clipboard_e462aa5e222cb6c1eb1b94ad379b14393.png

  1. From Edit Note you can search for and assign the correct Bullhorn object, and also edit your Note if required. Be sure to click Save.
    • Note: The 8x8 comm panel will not be updated with this Bullhorn object assignment.