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What is Click to Dial in Virtual Office for Bullhorn?

Click to Dial from Bullhorn

Click to Dial does exactly what it says: When you click on a phone number in Bullhorn, your 8x8 phone extension calls that number.

For your 8x8 8x8 Work service to respond to Click to Dial calls from Bullhorn, 8x8 Work Desktop version 6 or higher must be installed and running on your PC.

How It Works

Bullhorn uses the tel PC protocol to send clicked outbound call requests to an external soft phone application, such as 8x8 8x8 Work Desktop.

That phone application must be assigned within the Windows or Mac operating system to respond to tel call requests.

8x8 8x8 Work Desktop version 6 and higher automatically associates the tel protocol with itself every time it is launched. VOD versions older than 6.0 will not perform this association.


Other applications such as Skype for Business may assign themselves to the tel protocol when launched. So if you need 8x8 Work Desktop to handle tel click to dial requests, it should be the last soft phone application you launch.

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