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How to Genesys cloud integration with 8x8 SCIM


Genesys Cloud offers an integration with 8x8’s unified communications platform allowing users to view directory, search contacts, and make telephony calls between the systems.

Applies to

Integration Features include:

  • Provisioning, Directory & Presence
    • Customers are required to use SCIM provisioning. 
    • View 8x8 users’ presence status in Genesys Cloud user search (See Genesys Webhook enabled KB Below)
    • 8x8 contacts appear in Genesys Cloud user search and vice versa

General overview

Provisioning is completed within Azure AD / OKTA and pushed downward to 8x8 and Genesys only and are independently pushed via SCIM.



About Provisioning please note

  • 8x8 and Genesys DO NOT sync back to the IDP.
  • Admins will need to ensure they make changes on the IDP if they make updates (user contact info) directly in 8x8 and Genesys.
  • SCIM setup to the Genesys side will need to be handled directly by the Genesys reseller with Genesys.

Additional Information


  • Genesys webhook How to KB Here
  • 8x8 Azure AD SCIM How to KB Here
  • Genesys Cloud Azure KB Here NOTE: 8x8 cannot provide assistance please consult with your Genesys Provider.