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8x8 Work for Hubspot Integration: You don't have permission to connect this integration


When a Hubspot user attempts to "connect" the 8x8 integration, they receive a permissions error preventing them from using it.

Usually this will occur when the Contacts page is first launched after the user has installed the 8x8 Virtual Office for Integrations Chrome extension.


Applies To

  • 8x8 Work for Hubspot integration
  • Hubspot User accounts


For each user, the 8x8 integration requires specific permission to connect to Hubspot in order to perform Contact searches and to store call data into Hubspot.

The first time a user launches the 8x8 integration communication panel, the Hubspot service attempts to present the user a request for this permission to connect 8x8 and Hubspot for that specific user.

According to Hubspot the error occurs because:

  • "The HubSpot user attempting to connect the integration does not have the user roles or permissions required to authorize the required scopes requested by the integration."



Primary Solution

Normally the minimum access levels listed below should be enough for the user to authorize the 8x8 integration.


Note: A full listing of the specific minimum access rights can be found here:

  1. To grant the user sufficient access, log into Hubspot as a Super Admin and navigate to Settings clipboard_e780905d1f27049353066b55d182c601d.png > Users & Teams in the left-side panel.
  2. In the Users tab, hover your mouse cursor over the user in question and click the popup Actions menu.
  3. Select Edit.


  1. Enable access to all of the following for the user:
    • Contacts
    • Marketing
    • Service
  2. Save your changes.
  3. The user should log out of Hubspot and back in to complete the change to their account.
  4. The user should then follow the instructions below to grant 8x8 permission to access Hubspot.


Secondary Solution

If the above solution doesn't work, you can temporarily grant the user Super Admin access, until they have authorized the 8x8 integration.

According to Hubspot:

  • "To resolve this error, the user connecting the integration must be made a Super Admin in the account, which ensures the user has every role or permission the integration may require."

Grant the Hubspot User Super Admin Access


In this case, the user would only need Super Admin access for long enough to authenticate the 8x8 integration.

Once the 8x8 integration has been authenticated by the elevated user, that specific user account can be demoted from Super Admin to whatever access level the service administrator requires.

  1. To grant the user Super Admin access, log into Hubspot as a Super Admin and navigate to Settings clipboard_e780905d1f27049353066b55d182c601d.png > Users & Teams in the left-side panel.
  2. In the Users tab, hover your mouse cursor over the user in question and click the popup Actions menu.
  3. Select Make super admin. The label in the ACCESS column will change to Super Admin.


The User must grant 8x8 permission to access Hubspot

This part of the process assumes that the 8x8 Virtual Office for Integrations Chrome extension has already been installed in the user's Chrome browser.

  1. The user must log out of Hubspot and log back in as needed, to activate their new access rights.
  2. Hover over the Hubspot Contacts menu and select Contacts.


  1. The 8x8 communication panel should pop up. If it appears blank, immediately close the panel (click on the red and white X).


  1. Then click on the 8x8 launcher icon clipboard_edd6a00b96a019b554ded275e001970ea.png at the bottom-right of the screen to re-launch it.
  1. If the user is presented with account options, they should select the account that they will use the 8x8 integration with.


  1. On Request for Integration Permissions, click Grant access.


  1. Then confirm the resulting reCaptcha prompt to prove you are not a robot.


  1. The first time the user sees the full integration popup, they must select Virtual Office from the 8x8 Product dropdown list, and click Save.
    • If needed, you can reach this section by clicking on the 8x8 communication panel's Setup (gear) icon clipboard_e31c54fe21467f5d950823dcb46edf125.png and then Advanced.


  1. The user will be returned to the Contacts page, and the 8x8 communication panel will now display the login prompt.


  1. To confirm that the integration is properly Connected, click on the Setup (gear) icon clipboard_e31c54fe21467f5d950823dcb46edf125.png > Integrations > Hubspot.
    • Note: Clicking Disconnect and then Connect will not have any effect other than to disable and then re-enable the integration's connection to Hubspot.
  2. The Hubspot service administrator can now have the user log out of Hubspot, and demote their account, if needed.
  3. The user should now log in again and confirm that the 8x8 communication panel launches properly.


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