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8x8 Support

8x8 Work for Outlook: Managing Meetings


Create, view, and change meetings from within Microsoft Outlook.


Note: The application referred to on this page is for use on Windows devices only.

Mac users with Microsoft Office 365 can use the 8x8 Work for Office 365 meetings add-in.

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Follow the instructions below to create, view, edit, join, or cancel 8x8 meetings from Microsoft Outlook using the 8x8 Work for Outlook plugin.

These procedures apply only to meetings created in Microsoft Outlook.

Create Meetings

  1. Select the Calendar tab in Microsoft Outlook.
  2. In the calendar, right-click the day you want your meeting to take place.
  3. Click Add 8x8 Meeting. New 8x8 meeting information will be automatically added to your Outlook Meeting.
    • The Add 8x8 Meeting icon will change to Join 8x8 Meeting when add a meeting or re-open a saved meeting.


  1. Complete other Outlook meeting details such as title, time, duration, and participants.
  2. Click Send to save the meeting and send your invitations.


Edit Meetings

  1. Go to the Calendar tab within Microsoft Outlook.
  2. In the calendar, double-click the desired meeting.
  3. In the popup meeting window, you can configure meeting settings, edit meeting details, remove or invite participants, and reschedule. Your 8x8 meeting information will not change.
  4. Click Send Update to notify invited participants of any changes.

Join Meetings

  1. Go to the Calendar tab in Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Double-click the desired meeting. 
  3. In the Outlook meeting window, ctrl+click the Join the meeting URL to start the meeting in either 8x8 Work for Desktop or 8x8 Meet (web browser), depending on the option you typically use.
    • To use phone audio, ctrl+click Meeting dial-in numbers to see a list of domestic and international dial-in phone numbers that have been assigned to the meeting. To dial in, call the desired number and enter the Meeting ID as needed.
    • When using a phone for audio instead of your PC, ctrl+click join without audio to join the meeting without using your PC for meeting audio.
    • From email on a mobile device, either tap Join the meeting or tap the dial-in phone number to join via mobile audio without entering your Meeting ID.
Note-Icon.png Note: Hosts and participants joining via 8x8 Work, and participants dialing in to the meeting, can join using the Meeting ID. If you are given the Host ID by the organizer but were not listed as a host for the meeting, you must use the Host ID to exercise your host rights during the meeting.

Cancel Meetings

  1. Go to the Calendar tab of Microsoft Outlook.
  2. In the calendar, right-click the day you want your meeting to take place.
  3. Click Cancel Meeting.
  4. Click Send Cancelation to notify participants that the meeting is canceled.

At this time, the following are not available in the Outlook plug-in:

  • The ability to start an instant meeting without scheduling
  • The ability to view a list of your upcoming 8x8 Work meetings from the 8x8 menu
  • Compatibility with Mac