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8x8 Work for Office 365: Meetings Add-in for Outlook 365


The 8x8 Work for Office 365 meetings add-in for Microsoft Outlook 365 is an integration that gives you the ability to create meetings directly from your Microsoft Outlook 365 (online version) calendar's New Event.


Note: The add-in discussed in this article works only with the web-based Microsoft Office 365 application.

Users who prefer Microsoft Outlook for Windows may download and install the 8x8 Work for Outlook integration, instead.

Both applications can be installed and used without issue, even if you work between both types of Outlook.


  • Create single instance meetings or recurring events
  • Available for use on macOS

Q & A:

What's the difference between the Office 365 and the Microsoft Outlook add-ins?

  • 8x8 Work for Office 365: This add-in is designed for the web browser version of Microsoft Outlook.
  • 8x8 Work for Outlook: This add-in is designed for the Microsoft Outlook application installed on a Microsoft Windows-based PC.

How do I install the 8x8 Work for Office 365 meetings add-in?

Please see the following article for installation instructions:

Do I need to install both types of Outlook add-ins?

You would only need to install both add-ins if you plan to use both Microsoft Outlook for Windows and Microsoft Outlook 365 (online).

  • The 8x8 Work for Office 365 meetings add-in functions only in Outlook 365 (online).
  • The 8x8 Work for Outlook is designed for users of Windows-installed Outlook, who may not have Office 365 (online) or a Microsoft Exchange-based email service. It can be downloaded from here.

Would I be able to edit all meetings in both types of Outlook?

Yes. As long as you are logged into the same 8x8 user profile in both the Windows and web versions of Outlook, you can view, add, change, and delete the same meetings in either one. All changes made in one will be reproduced in the other, because you are using the same calendar.

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