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Skype for Business: WebRTC Fails to Respond to Inbound and Outbound Calls


IMPORTANT: The 8x8 Skype for Business Integration is no longer officially supported, and can longer be installed for general use.

Current users may continue to use this integration until it is officially retired, but no support for this product can be provided.


With the WebRTC option enabled (clipboard_e37e7f7470f860b3e313710c93bb3ca43.png) in the 8x8 Skype for Business Integration, the 8x8 communication panel does not respond when attempting to initiate an outbound call, or when an inbound call is made to the logged-in phone extension.

clipboard_e12a113a2c49a7ec4b255f55e89dbbfd1.png  clipboard_ea1a6b7cf3ca0c6357124448bae68ba61.png  clipboard_e7ca20f8c1d50d5c63012cb7d0aa64a13.png

Applies To

  • 8x8 Skype for Business Integration
  • WebRTC


This problem happens when the logged-in 8x8 phone extension is assigned to an Account Manager-based platform account.


Only 8x8 Admin Console-based phone extensions are supported for WebRTC in the integration.

Support for the legacy Account Manager platform is not in development, because it is scheduled to be retired. All customers will eventually be migrated to the Admin Console platform.


Note that with WebRTC disabled (clipboard_e66aef8775e62635dbca5826c76e0790b.png) in the communication panel, 8x8 Work phone extensions on both the Account Manager and Admin Console platforms are supported.

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