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8x8 Work for Salesforce Integration: Download v3.x Call Center XML

8x8 Work for Salesforce v3.x Call Center

This Salesforce call center file is provided for the purpose of replacing a missing call center, or for distributing users of the 8x8 Work for Salesforce v3.1 integration across multiple call centers, as needed.


Note: This call center is added automatically when the v3.1 integration package is first installed.

Also keep in mind that if you already have this call center installed, you can simply navigate into that call center and click Clone to copy it into your Call Centers.

  1. Download and unzip the archived XML file.
  2. Import the call center XML file into your Salesforce org from Setup > Call Centers > All Call Centers > Import.
  3. Click Edit for the newly-imported call center and change the following entries:
    • InternalName: This must be unique from any other call center. It must start with an alphabetic character and is limited to 40 alpha-numeric characters. It cannot contain spaces.
    • Display Name: This is the label displayed in the All Call Centers list. It should be unique so that you can easily differentiate multiple call centers.
  4. You must replace the CTI Adapter URL with one of the following URLs:
    • For non-Single Sign-On 8x8 Work users:
    • For Single Sign-On 8x8 Work users:
    • For Sandbox 8x8 Work users:
  5. In the Salesforce Compatibility Mode field, you can set the visibility of the integration comm panel in the Salesforce mode(s) that you prefer:
    • Classic
    • Lightning
    • Classic_and_Lightning
  6. Be sure to click Save to complete your changes.
  7. You can now add users to your new call center.



By clicking to download this file, you acknowledge and accept the 8x8 Terms of Use and (where applicable) the 8x8 Beta Services Terms of Use.