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8x8 Work for Salesforce Integration: Log calls and tracking the incomplete call logs


Steps for logging calls in Salesforce and tracking the incomplete call logs.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work for Salesforce Integration


Log calls

Upon terminating a call, the 8x8 Work integration generates a call log. The call log includes information such as transaction ID, the time the call was answered, and the duration of the call. A call log is created for inbound and outbound interactions and automatically saved as an Activity or Task. You can change the status of the activity to complete or any desired state.

Depending on the number of matches, call log can be linked to the end-user record as follows:

  • Single match: If there is a matching record, the call log is created and saved in the Comments field, then associated as an Activity or Task to the record.
  • Multiple matches: In the event of multiple matching contacts, there is no screen pop. The call log is created and saved in the Comments field, then associated as an Activity or Task to the first record in the list.
  • No match: In the absence of a matching record, a message indicates the lack of a matching record. The call is logged in the Comments field.

Tracking incomplete call logs

If agents are busy and unable to complete and sort the call log activity immediately after the call, they can do so at their leisure by accessing the incomplete logs by the following two methods:

  • Call Log tab (All)
  • Call Log tab (Unprocessed)

Call Log tab (All)

The All tab offers all your call history. The  icon allows you to edit the call log of a recently completed call.

1. In the 8x8 Work tab, click Call Logs.

2. Hover over a log from the list.

3. Click  to take you to the call log in Salesforce where you can change the details or edit the comments and save.

When you open the log, you see that the system has added a default subject line, such as Call with 1002 or Call with John Smith, which can be revised and saved. Assign the revised record to the right Salesforce contact if required, add additional notes, then save the log.

Call Log tab (Unprocessed)

The Unprocessed tab allows you to view those calls that were not assigned to a record during a call. You can view or delete the records here.