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Error Saving Log in 8x8 Work for Salesforce Integration


After a Salesforce administrator has enabled custom call logging fields in the 8x8 Work integration call center, users report that they receive two consecutive errors when attempting to save their call notes from the 8x8 communication panel:

  • Failed to create call log
  • Error saving log: An error occurred while calling the saveLog() API method. Review the Details field in the error section.

clipboard_ee17cfd7918cde97a4797d63779b0868f.png  clipboard_e09ed48ba768c171e46b4045c12412d9e.png

Applies To

This issue applies to the 8x8 Work for Salesforce integration v2.8, in both Classic and Lightning modes.


This issue occurs when the Salesforce administrator has not correctly configured one or more custom call log field options.

The second error shown above refers to a mismatch of API name between a Salesforce Activity Custom Field (Classic mode) or Object Manager Activity field (Lightning mode) and the related API field name entered into the call center: 8x8 Work Integration - Next Generation With Lightning.

Related API field names must be identical between both the call center and the activity field configuration.

Here's an example of an API field name mismatch:

  • 8x8 call center configuration:


  • Salesforce Activity Custom Field configuration:



To correct your 8x8 Work custom call logging configuration in Salesforce, carefully follow the steps outlined in one of the configuration guides listed below.

Either guide may be used: Changes in one Salesforce mode will be reflected in the other mode.