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How to Configure the Call Recording URL Field in Lightning


This article applies only to the 8x8 Work for Salesforce integration version 2.8.

The integration version 3.1 automatically stores call recording URLs into Salesforce tasks.


These instructions will guide you through implementing access to individual Virtual Office call recordings in a Salesforce Lightning task, after a call has been dispositioned.

Note that for the call recording URL to appear in a Salesforce task, the associated 8x8 Virtual Office phone extension must include the call recording feature, and call recording must be enabled during the call.

Customizing your 8x8 Salesforce integration call logs requires a few primary steps, in the following order:

  • Verify Pre-Requisites for Customizing Call Logs
  • Add New Custom Activity Field
  • Edit the Task Layout
  • Edit the Call Center Call Log Custom Field Mapping
  • Final step for your Salesforce users to perform

This guide covers the addition of call recording URL functionality to your Salesforce Lightning Task Page layout.

Instructions for adding all other available customized fields are located here:

Verify Pre-Requisites for Customizing Call Logs

Verify that the following pre-requisites are met, and then continue with the configuration.

  1. Log in to Salesforce Lightning mode as an administrator.
  2. From the Setup icon Salesforce_Lightning_Setup_Gear.jpg click on Setup.
  3. Search for and click on Installed Packages.
  4. Verify that the installed 8x8 Virtual Office for Salesforce package is version 2.8.

  1. Then from Setup again, search for and click on Call Centers.
  2. Verify that your call center is named 8x8 Virtual Office Integration - Next Generation_Lightning or 8x8 Virtual Office Integration - Next Generation With Lightning.

  1. If either the Package version or the Call Center do not meet the above requirements, navigate to the following article and follow the instructions there to fix either or both of those issues:
  2. Proceed to the next step to begin customizing your call logs.

Add a New Activity Custom Field

The next step is to create a custom Activity field that will apply a call recording URL to your Salesforce user call records.

You'll be creating and enabling the following custom field:

Custom Field Data Type Field Name API Name
Call Recording URL Call_Recording Call_Recording__c




  1. From the Setup icon Salesforce_Lightning_Setup_Gear.jpg click on Setup.
  2. From Setup, search for and click on Object Manager.
  3. Click on Activity.
  4. Click on Fields & Relationships.
  5. At the top-right of the Fields & Relationships page, click New. This will take you to the New Custom Field page.
  6. Select the URL Data Type, and click on Next.
  7. In the Field Label field, enter Call Recording. Press <tab> to auto-fill the Field Name with Call_Recording.
  8. Click Next.
  9. In the Visible column, select all Salesforce profiles for which you want this new custom field to be visible.
    • Note: Read Only will prevent call data from being written to the associated field.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Verify your information. Because call data is stored into a Task, be sure to leave the Task Layout box checked.
  12. Click Save.
  13. The Activity > Details page will appear with a brief summary. From there, click on Fields & Relationships to verify the new Call Recording task field you created.
    • Note: The FIELD NAME entry is automatically applied to your custom field. This will be used during the final configuration step, when editing the 8x8 call center.
  14. Continue with the next section, Edit the Task Layout.

Edit the Task Layout

The 8x8 Virtual Office for Salesforce integration stores call records in Salesforce Tasks when a call is dispositioned.

Now that the Call Recording activity field is added, you can arrange it in the Task pane if desired, so the call recording URL can be displayed to your needs.

  1. From Setup, search for and click on Object Manager.
  2. Click on Task.
  3. Select Page Layouts and click Task Layout.
  4. Verify that the Call Recording custom field you've created is added to the Task Layout page. You can re-arrange it as needed.
  5. Click Save if you make any changes.

Edit the Call Center Call Log Custom Field Mapping

The final step in this process is to enable and configure custom call logging in the 8x8 call center.

  1. From Setup Salesforce_Lightning_Setup_Gear.jpg, search for and click on Call Centers.
  2. Click Edit to make changes to the call center 8x8 Virtual Office Integration - Next Generation With Lightning.
  3. In the Other Options > Call Recording URL Enabled field, enter true in lower case.
  4. Scroll down to Call Log Custom Field Mapping.
  5. Change the value in the Call Recording URL field to match to the new custom field you created.
    • Note that SSO does NOT need to be enabled in the call center for this feature to work.
  6. For comparison, use a different browser tab to navigate to Setup > Objects and Fields > Object Manager > Activity > Fields & Relationships. The entry in the FIELD NAME column must exactly match your call center Call Log Custom Field Mapping entries.
  7. Verify that your changes are correct, then click Save at the bottom of your call center.

This completes the process of customizing your call log.

Accessing Call Recordings In Salesforce Lightning

Agents can access their 8x8 Virtual Office call recordings by navigating to an associated Task that was completed during a call.

Simply click on the URL in the custom call recording field to download and save the audio file.


Conditions Critical for this Feature to Work as Expected:

  1. The agent's 8x8 Virtual Office phone extension must have the ability to record phone calls. This requires either:
    • Account Manager: Virtual Office Professional add-on service applied to the extension.
    • Configuration Manager: An X2 or higher license applied to the extension.
  2. The agent must have call recording enabled and active during a call.
  3. The agent must be logged in to the 8x8 communication panel in Salesforce for the URL to be automatically placed into a task, and also to access the call recording from Salesforce. Call recordings are also accessible from Virtual Office Desktop.