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Salesforce Integrations: I Cannot Find Call Centers as a Setup Option


You cannot locate your 8x8 Salesforce integration call center, or you can confirm that it does not exist in your instance of Salesforce.

Call centers in Salesforce are located in:

  • Salesforce Classic:
    • Setup > Apps > Customize > Call Center > Call Centers (Professional edition and higher)
    • Setup > Build > Customize > Call Center > Call Centers (Developer edition)
  • Salesforce Lightning:
    • Setup > Feature Settings > Service > Call Center > Call Centers

Applies To

  • 8x8 Salesforce Integrations


One of the following is likely to be the cause of the issue:

  • You are using a version of Salesforce that does not include Call Center functionality, such as the Group Edition. (Note: 8x8's Work and Contact Center Salesforce integrations require the Salesforce Professional or higher editions.)
  • Per Salesforce: "Some Salesforce CRM Call Center features that are described in this help system might not be available with your SoftPhone because of customisations that have been made for your organization or the CTI Toolkit with which your SoftPhone was built. See your administrator for details."
  • The user/administrator has not been granted required Salesforce permissions to view or change Salesforce call centers.
  • The 8x8 integration for Salesforce has not been installed.


If you are not currently employing the Professional, EnterpriseUnlimited, or Performance editions of Salesforce, please contact your Salesforce representative to upgrade.

If you are sure you are using a compatible edition of Salesforce, speak with your Salesforce account administrator about its configuration and setup, and any potential issues impacting call centers.

If the above criteria have been met and the 8x8 integration is not installed, follow the directions to install it.

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