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Communication Panel Does Not Appear in Salesforce Integration


The 8x8 Salesforce integration communication panel (dialer) does not appear in the sidebar on the left side of the screen, in either Classic or Lightning mode.

This problem could be affecting one individual user, or several users, depending on the cause.

Applies To

8x8 Work for Salesforce Integration


There are several likely causes for why the dialer does not appear to you in Salesforce:

  • The Salesforce Sidebar is Collapsed
  • Web Browser Cache is Corrupted
  • Web Browser Cookies Are Being Blocked
  • Salesforce Username is Not in the 8x8 Call Center


Salesforce Sidebar is Collapsed

This solution applies only to Salesforce Classic mode:

If your Salesforce administrator enables the Collapsible Sidebar feature, the sidebar may be collapsed and hiding the dialer.

To fix this issue, look for a small tab with an arrow just beneath and to the left of the Salesforce Home tab. Click on this sidebar tab to expand.

If there is no such tab available, move on to the next solution.


Web Browser Cache is Corrupted

The web browser cache is corrupted, or the web browser is otherwise malfunctioning.

If this is the cause of the issue, fix it by completely clearing the browser cache and cookies, and restarting the web browser.

If this does not resolve the issue, confirm that the problem exists in another web browser and/or on another PC before moving on the the next solution.

Web Browser Cookies Are Being Blocked

The 8x8 communication panel is a third party web application embedded into Salesforce, and requires it's own authentication and cookies. Some web browser cookie settings will prevent the VO Salesforce communication panel from appearing.

Unblock all third party cookies

Here's how to verify and/or disable the option to block third party cookies in Chrome:

  1. Click the Chrome Customize icon clipboard_e0ba0e305868c2a9ccad6a07443d56dad.png at the top-right of the browser, and then click Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click on Advanced.
  3. In Privacy and security, click Site Settings, then click Cookies.
  4. If the Block third-party cookies option is enabled (blue), click the slider to disable the option (gray) as shown below.
  5. Refresh your Salesforce browser tab. The 8x8 communication panel should now appear.


Unblock only 8x8 cookies

If for security reasons you need to continue blocking third-party cookies, then instead of using the above procedure, you can unblock the specific 8x8 application cookies.

To do this in Chrome:

  1. On a Salesforce web page displaying the 8x8 communication panel, click on the "Cookies blocked" icon in the address bar.
  2. Click on Show cookies and other site data...


  1. In the Cookies in use window, click on the Blocked tab.
  2. Now click on each individual 8x8 site entry displayed, and then click Allow. Not all of the sites listed below may appear.
  3. You should immediately see Allowed to the right of the site name, and Cookies from [8x8 site] allowed at the bottom of the window. Note that sites may not appear on the Allowed tab until your page is refreshed.
  4. Click Done.


  1. Now refresh your Salesforce browser tab. Even though the "Cookies blocked" icon appears, the 8x8 communication panel should now also appear and be ready for use.


Salesforce Username is Not in the 8x8 Call Center

The 8x8 Salesforce Call Center contains a list of users who are allowed access to the communication panel. If you are not added to the call center, the communication panel will not appear.

Note-Icon.png Note: Only Salesforce Administrators have access to call centers.

If all other options have been investigated, and the communication panel still does not appear, you must contact your Salesforce administrator to make sure your username (Salesforce login ID) has been correctly added to the 8x8 call center.

The instructions for adding a user to a call center can be found here.


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