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Salesforce Reports Show Call with Undefined


When you are using the 8x8 Work for Salesforce Integration v2.8 and subsequently running a Salesforce report of agent activity, you see some call records with the subject: Call with undefined.


Applies To

  • 8x8 Work for Salesforce Integration v2.8 (Legacy)
  • Salesforce Classic and Lightning modes


The most common cause of this issue is that the Salesforce agent making or receiving a call is saving their call record without first assigning an Unknown caller.

  1. The Salesforce agent makes or receives a phone call for which the called or calling phone number is not stored in Salesforce, displaying Unknown.
  2. The agent then does not store and assign the phone number to a Salesforce object at any point.
  3. When the call is ended, the agent then clicks the Notes tab of the communication panel, does not enter any text into the Subject field, and clicks Save and Close.




Note: Even if a phone number is assigned to a Salesforce object such as a Contact, calls to or from that phone number will still appear as Unknown if the assigned object type in Menu > Settings > CRM Objects to Search is disabled (gray). This prevents the 8x8 Salesforce integration from searching that specific Salesforce object type.

  1. This forces a record to be saved to Salesforce that has no Subject line or association with a Salesforce object such as a Contact.
  2. Salesforce reports the Subject of these records as Call with undefined.



Make sure that agents properly assign their calls to the appropriate Salesforce object.

  1. Ensure that the agent's 8x8 communication panel Menu > Settings > CRM Objects to Search objects are enabled (green) so that 8x8 can search for phone numbers in those objects.
  2. If for some reason the called or calling phone number should not be stored in Salesforce, the agent should at least enter appropriate text into the Subject line of the communication panel Notes tab before clicking Save and Close. This will force the Subject line in Salesforce Reports to appear with that subject, instead of Call with undefined.