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8x8 Support

Voice for Teams: Sync Error: Unable to update service


When an administrator runs a Sync Now process in the 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams admin portal, the sync immediately fails and they receive a red banner stating:

  • Unable to update service: You are not authorized to perform this operation


Applies To

  • 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Voice for Microsoft Teams admin portal


An administrator with only the Sync Contributor role assigned would normally be able to initiate a basic Sync Now process without an error.

This specific error indicates that:

  • The administrator performing the sync is attempting to make a change to the service configuration in the Services section of the Voice for Teams admin portal.
  • And the administrator does not have the required Account Owner role assigned to them.



To sync changes to either Services > PBX or Services > Teams tabs:

  • Either: In the Accounts tab, assign the Account Owner role to the admin experiencing the error, and have them log out of and log back into the admin portal.
  • Or: Have an admin who has the Account Owner role assigned perform the service change and then initiate the Sync Now process.