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Sameroom: Glossary of Terms
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Sameroom: Glossary of Terms


Sameroom Terms and Definitions

Sameroom provides chat relay services between chat rooms, for a range of chat service applications.

Below is a glossary of terms and their definitions that you might see associated with your Sameroom service.

Term Definition
8x8 Team Messaging 8x8 Team Messaging allows the user to create chat rooms in 8x8 Work (Desktop or Mobile) and connect those rooms to internal or external chat rooms.
  • This is essentially the Sameroom standalone Enterprise service as applied to the 8x8 Work service platform, and is included with X Series accounts at no additional cost.
Account An Account in Sameroom is a chat application that has been authenticated to connect to your Sameroom service.
  • Accounts appear in the Accounts page of your Sameroom admin console.
  • Once an Account is added to your service, you can issue Sameroom commands in your chat rooms, and create portals and tubes to connect different rooms together.
  • Deleting an Account will also delete all tubes and portals associated with it.
  • Deleting all Accounts on the Sameroom service will permanently terminate that Sameroom service, including all billing activity.
  • Chat applications that require use of a bridgebot (such as Skype) will not appear on the Accounts page.
  • The Accounts page will only appear for 8x8 Team Messaging accounts if supported external applications have been added to the service. To add a supported external app, navigate to
Bot The Sameroom bot is an app added to your chat service when you add that service as an Account in Sameroom. This allows you to create portals and connect-codes, and create tubes between rooms in your chat applications.

For 8x8 Team Messaging, the bot is automatically added to your 8x8 X Series service when it is provisioned for Sameroom access.
Bridgebot A bridgebot is a special app that effectively allows you to use Sameroom with chat services that cannot be added as Accounts in Sameroom, such as Skype.
  • Tubes between bridgebots are free and unlimited, but they are available only for a limited number of chat services.
  • Portals created within chat apps that use bridgebots cannot be managed (view/add/delete/change) from the Sameroom Manage page.
  • Important: A paid Sameroom service is required for tubes connecting a bridgebot-enabled chat app to an application that does not require a bridgebot. In this case, each tube connection between those two apps will count against your paid tube budget.
  • 8x8 Team Messaging accounts can connect chat applications that require bridgebots (such as Skype and Telegram) without additional cost, since Sameroom access is included with 8x8 X Series service.
Code A code is a time-limited, 5-character string used to create a new Sameroom tube.
  • The code is issued using the Open command. This temporarily creates one side of a tube in the chat room the command is issued from.
  • Then in another chat room, that same code is used with the Connect command to complete the tube between your chat rooms.
  • Codes expire after two minutes, and cannot be re-used after that time.
  • For more information, please see Sameroom Commands.
Enterprise Enterprise Sameroom accounts are the highest level of Sameroom service, with the greatest number of features.
  • For more information about Enterprise accounts, please visit the Sameroom Pricing and Plans page.

Note that this does not apply to 8x8 Team Messaging accounts, which include Enterprise-level access to Sameroom functionality at no additional cost.

Format Format governs the way your chat messages are displayed when they're posted in your Sameroom-connected chat applications.
Health Status The Sameroom Status page displays the current operational connection status of supported chat service applications.
Hush When the Hush command [^^^] is placed before a chat message, Sameroom will ignore all tube connections when the message is posted. This keeps a single message confined to the room it's posted in.
Integrations Integrations are chat services supported by Sameroom.
Manage From the Sameroom Manage page, you can make changes to the tubes and portals you've assigned to your service.

Note that this does not apply to 8x8 Team Messaging accounts.

Map Map is a Sameroom command that provides the status of your tube network, as well as a link to a graphical representation of those tube connections.
Plan A Plan is your Sameroom service subscription.

Note that this does not apply to 8x8 Team Messaging accounts, which already have Enterprise Sameroom service applied at no extra charge.

Portals Portals are another method of connecting rooms together with tubes.

This is similar to using codes, except that a permanent URL is generated instead of a short-term code.
  • A portal URL is issued using the Portal command. This creates one side of a tube in the chat room the command is issued from.
  • Then in another chat room, that same URL is used with the Connect command to complete the tube between your chat rooms.
  • The portal URL can be re-used as often as needed for connecting individual chat rooms, depending on the number of tubes allowed by your Sameroom service plan.
  • For more information, please see the Portal command listing in Sameroom Commands.
Roomcoin Roomcoin is a reserved administrative feature that allows additional tubes to be added to a Sameroom service without changing the service plan.

Note that roomcoin cannot be purchased, and is distributed at 8x8's discretion, usually for demo purposes.
  • Each roomcoin can grant access to one or more unlimited tubes beyond the current Sameroom service level.
  • Roomcoin codes may have an expiration date applied to them.
  • If you have roomcoin to redeem, click here and insert your roomcoin code.

Note that this does not apply to 8x8 Team Messaging accounts.

Settings Settings is a Sameroom service management option that users will see when they log into the admin console at
  • In Settings you can change the email address and name associated with your Sameroom service.
  • For information on how to use this feature, please see the Update Your Email Address and Name section of Sameroom: Managing Your Account.
  • For 8x8 Team Messaging accounts, navigate to
Tubes Tubes are the most critical part of Sameroom. Each end of a "tube" connects one chat room with another, so that messages posted to one room will automatically appear in the other.
  • You can connect chat rooms within the same chat service, or between rooms on different chat services, or a combination of both.
  • The number of tubes you can connect to chat rooms is limited only by your Sameroom service plan.
  • Tubes can be created from the Open a Tube link at the top of the Sameroom admin page.
  • Tubes can also be created directly from chat rooms by using the Open or Portal commands together with the Connect command.
  • Please see the listing of Sameroom Commands for more info.
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