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Sameroom: My new Sameroom Tube disappears after I connect it to my Slack channel
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Sameroom: My new Sameroom Tube disappears after I connect it to my Slack channel



Using the Sameroom interface at, you attempt to create a new tube connecting an existing Slack channel to another channel on any supported chat service.

That new tube then briefly appears in your list, but disappears a few seconds later without an error.

You may also receive an email stating that: [Sameroom] #[room name] not accessible.

This issue does not occur when you create and connect new Slack channels from the interface, which should automatically add the Sameroom bot to your new Slack channel(s).

The problem is due to an API change made by Slack, and is currently under investigation. This article will be updated once the issue is confirmed resolved.

Last updated: 2020-03-22

Applies To

  • Sameroom Standalone accounts
  • 8x8 Team Messaging


The Sameroom bot has either not been invited to the existing Slack channel, or the bot is already in the channel but its connection to Sameroom has become corrupted.

In this case, Sameroom actually creates the tube you've requested, but Slack then denies access to Sameroom, which causes Sameroom to delete the tube.


To remove and/or re-add the Sameroom bot to your Slack channel:

  1. Submit the Slack command /kick @sameroom in your Slack channel to remove the Sameroom bot from only that channel.
    • You'll receive either a request to confirm the command, or a message stating that the bot is not currently added to the channel.


  1. Now invite the Sameroom bot to your channel:
    • Either submit the Slack command /invite @sameroom.
    • Or submit a Sameroom command such as @sameroom help and then click Invite Them when prompted.


  1. Once these steps are completed, you should be able to successfully connect a Sameroom tube to your Slack channel using either Sameroom commands, or by using the Sameroom interface at
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