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How to Transfer a Desk Phone Call to Another Device in 8x8 Express


Flip a call from the 8x8 Work for Desktop application to your deskphone.

Handling a call at your desk phone, but need to get up and leave before the call is complete? Or just arrived at the office while on a 8x8 Work for Mobile app call and want to move the conversation to your desk phone or 8x8 Work for Desktop application? 8x8 Work makes it easy to "flip calls" in one of two simple ways.

Applies To

  • Desk phones
  • 8x8 Work for Desktop
  • 8x8 Work for Mobile


Dial *88

  1. While on a live call on any 8x8 desk phone or 8x8 Work for application, ensure the device/application you want to move to is open or activated.
  2. From the keypad of the device/application you want to move to, dial * 8 8, then tap or click Call (or the call icon).
  3. The call becomes active on the new connected device/application.
Note-Icon.png Note: Currently, this method will not work for deskphone-to-8x8 Work for Desktop application. To flip a call from a Poly deskphone to the desktop app, please see the call park method below.

Call Park (For Poly Deskphones or 8x8 Work for Desktop application)

  1. Inform the other party you are speaking with that they will be placed on a brief hold.
  2. On your Poly phone or 8x8 Work for Desktop application key pad, press the Park key. (The call is placed on hold at the Call Park extension.)
  3. Note the extension number for where the call is parked.
  4. From any another 8x8 application, device or extension, dial the Call Park extension to retrieve the call.

For more, see the 8x8 Work for Desktop Online Help. (In the 8x8 Work for Desktop Application, click Help > View Online Help.)

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