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View chat discussion in an 8x8 Work (recent) meeting that ended



First Step

Open 8x8 Work Desktop application and go to "Meeting" tab, then to "Recent meetings" tab. Click it.

clipboard_e1b0506eca90ee0b568bea65169bde3d3.png                       clipboard_e72f0e4649a784a4fdc327f74da5aeacc.png

Second Step

Search a meeting that ended and has "Meeting chat" option in "Meeting resources", exactly under "Participants". Click it.



On top of the 8x8 Work Desktop window, you will have a pop-up window named "Meeting chat" , that will show everything that was written in that meeting's chat.


You can scroll down and up, to see all the messages.

What's Next:

You now have access to everything that was written in the meeting's chat, that you did/didn't participate in.