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How to Use Meetings in 8x8 Work for Mobile for 8x8 Express


Using and modifying your Meetings in Work for Mobile.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Meet
  • Work for Mobile

Launching a Meeting

Meetings can be launched one of three ways, either instantly, joining with a meeting ID, or by joining a scheduled meeting. 

  1. In Work for Mobile, select the Meetings tab.
    Virtual Office Mobile Meetings Tab iOS.jpg
  2. You will be able to select one of the following options: Meet Now or Join with ID.

Starting a Meeting Now

  1. On the Meetings tab, tap Meet Now.
    VOM iOS Meet Now.jpg
  2. Toggle the settings to start your meeting with your microphone and video on or off.
    VOM Meet Now iOS Meeting Settings.jpg
  3. To start the meeting instantly, tap Start Meeting.

Joining a Scheduled Meeting

This requires that you connect a calendar to your account.

  1. On the Meetings tab, tap the desired meeting.
    VOM iOS Join Scheduled Meeting.jpg
  2. You will instantly enter the meeting.

Joining with a Meeting ID

  1. On the Meetings tab, tap Join with ID.
  2. Enter a room name.
    VOM iOS Join with Meeting ID.jpg
  3. Select your video and microphone preferences.
  4. Tap Join Meeting.

Updating Meeting Preferences

  1. Before launching a meeting, toggle the settings for starting meetings with your video and microphone on or off.
  2. Launch your personal room by tapping Meet Now, then Start Meeting.
  3. Tap More Actions (three dots).
    VOM iOS More Actions In Meeting.jpg
  4. From here you can:
    • Select your sound device
    • Toggle between cameras (video must be on to toggle cameras)
    • Enable audio-only mode
    • Add a meeting password
    • Start recording your meeting
    • Start a live stream
    • Enter tile view
    • Invite participants
    • View meeting information
    • Raise your hand

Inviting Participants

You can invite meeting participants using your calendar invitation, or directly from your meeting room.

  1. To add participants from your meeting room, tap More Actions.
  2. Tap Invite Someone.
    VOM iOS In Meeting Invite Someone.jpg
  3. In the search bar, search for contacts by name, or enter a phone number.
  4. Tap the appropriate contact from the search results.
  5. Tap Send.


  1. In your meeting, tap Open / Close Chat in the lower left of the screen.
    VOM iOS Chat In Meeting.jpg
  2. The chat window will open.
  3. Type your message and tap Send.

Additional Information

The option to Work for Mobile is available after syncing with a calendar. 


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