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Analytics for 8x8 Work - Auto Attendant Path Report


Show the number of menu selection options callers made inside the Auto Attendant menu using Auto Attendant path reporting.

Applies To

  • Analytics for 8x8 Work


  1. In Analytics, navigate to Call Report -> Call Detail Records



2. Select the desired date range

date range.png


3. Change "Call Records" dropdown to "Call Legs"

call legs.png


4. Click "Search". This is an important step after you select "Call Legs" as only then do you see the needed "Auto Attendant Path" Option in the "Customize Table" section.



If you do not press Search at this point the Auto Attendant Path option will not be visible in the Customize Table section.

Without Search



With Search



5. Select "Customize Table" and make "Auto Attendant Path" visible and press Save.

customize path 2.png


6. In the Search/Filter select "Callee" and the extension of the Auto Attendant(s) you want the report on and perform the search.



7. When the results are presented, download the XLXS or CSV file to your computer.


8. Once you have the data downloaded, you can use regular EXCEL/Google Sheets tools to manage the data.


Additional Information

You can use Pivot Tables to make the data easier to work with. In Excel, delete all columns other than "Auto Attendant Path".

Example of a Pivot Table view that can give you all outcomes:

pivot table.png