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Analytics for 8x8 Work - Call Queue Detail Total Inbound Calls does not match individual agent stats


In Analytics under Call Queue Detail, why does the number of Total Inbound Calls not match up with the sum of the agent's Total Inbound Calls?


analytics kb.png

Applies To

  • Analytics for 8x8 Work
  • Call Queue Detail Report


The "Total Inbound Calls" value at the top of the Call Queue Detail page accounts for the call initially coming into the call queue and the agent stats details what was presented to each individual extension.


Below are the primary scenarios which can cause the numbers to be different:

-A single call may be offered to an agent more than once.  Both offers will be counted in the agent stats but only count as one for the overall call queue stat. 

- Calls that were abandoned while all agents were busy, so the call was never offered to anyone.  These calls will not be represented in the agent details counts.

-An agent receives a call from the call queue and then transfers it to another agent in the same call queue.