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Analytics for 8x8 Work Call Queue Current Status Does not Match Login Status in Admin Console


Why is the agent's Current Status in Analytics different from the Login Status in Admin Console under the respective call queue?

voa call queue current status.png

admin console cq login status.png

Applies To

  • Analytics for 8x8 Work
  • Call Queue Detail


Analytics and Admin Console have different mechanisms for acquiring the user status and therefore may not be consistent with each other. It is not recommended to use the Current Status to determine if agents are logged in or out of the call queue.  Alternatively, you can use the Login Time and Logout Time fields in Analytics. If there is a value in the Logout Time field, the agent is logged out. Otherwise, there should only be a value in the Login Time field, and the agent is logged in. Following a logout, both fields may be populated until the data refreshes (at 15 minute intervals).

voa call queue login logout times.png