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Callee field change in Analytics for 8x8 Work


In some transfer scenarios, the Callee field of the (CDR) Call Records was populated incorrectly. Specifically, in some cases where a call was transferred from one service to another service, the correct service may not be listed as the Callee

For example, where a call is first made to an Auto Attendant and is subsequently transferred to a Ring Group, the Callee contained the value “Ring Group”. In this case, however, the correct Callee is the Auto Attendant, and we will now display the Auto Attendant extension in the Callee field for that scenario.

This change is not retroactive, and will not affect historical data before Oct 13, 2020.

Applies To

  • Analytics for 8x8 Work


A change was made in Analytics for 8x8 Work beginning Oct 13, 2020 to address incorrect values being presented in the call records.