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How to identify the Original Phone Number Dialed?


To identify the Original Number dialed by a customer using Analytics for 8x8 Work (DID phone number Dialed or DNIS). This identifies the receiver of a call the number that the caller dialed. If the customer has multiple Virtual Numbers or Toll-Free Numbers to the same destination, DNIS tells which number was called.

Applies To

  • Analytics for 8x8 Work


  1. Log in to Analytics for 8x8 Work.
  2. Click Call Details Records drop down.
  3. Select Call Legs (Simplified) or Call Legs.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Click Customize table. Then Scroll down to Dial-In Number. Click the eye icon to enable the column and click Save.


6. Click Search to add the filter to the results.


Additional Information

Dial-In Number only applies to external inbound calls.

Dial-In Number appears as a filter for Call Legs and Call Legs (Simplified). Analytics for 8x8 Work defaults to Call Records. Select Call Legs, click Search, then check the filters, if it doesn't show immediately.

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