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What is Ring Pause Status on Queue detail?


If the current status of an agent is currently displaying " Ring Pause" what does that mean?

Ring paused- - Copy.JPG

Applies To

  • Analytics for 8x8 Work
  • Call Queue Detail


Ring Pause is one of the Agents' Statuses on the Queue.
This status appears when the agent does not answer a call that is offered by the queue. Subsequent calls to the same call queue will not be offered to the agent while they have the Ring Pause status.

Additional Information

The Ring Pause time can be set per Call Queue by adjusting the "Delay after not answering" value in the Basic Information section when editing a Call Queue in Admin Console. The default value is 10 seconds and can be changed to any value from 0 to 120 seconds. 

e.g.: If agent does not answer a call from the queue and "Delay after not answering" = 60, the agent won't be offered another call from that Call Queue for 60 seconds.