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What is the difference between the Call Records and Call Legs modes in the Call Detail Records report

Applies To

  • Analytics for 8x8 Work
  • Call Detail Records


CDRs can be presented as Call Records or Call Legs. The Call Record is a single record view of the overall call designation and metrics and is represented by a single Call ID. The Call Leg provides detailed metrics for each individual call segment within the same call journey and is represented by a Call Leg ID associated with the Call ID. Call Legs (Simplified) does not include child calls (e.g. ring group offers).


Call Records

Call Records mode presents each call as a single line item


Call Legs (Simplified)

Call Legs (Simplified) mode separates the call into the individual legs that were part of the main call flow. You can see multiple legs with the same Call ID as the call is passed to different services and extensions.


Call Legs

Call Legs mode shows all of the calls legs, including child calls that were not part of the main call flow. These would be internal calls made by the system (E.g.: calls made by the Ring Group or Call Queue services).


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