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Why do I see the last disposition code as voicemail when the call was answered?


When running a Call Detail Records report in Analytics for 8x8 Work, why I can see calls with disposition code answered, but on the column Last Leg Disposition I can see Voicemail?  

Applies To

  • Call Details Records 
  • Analytics for 8x8 Work 


Every call is given a disposition (outcome) based on the first outcome, and in cases where there is more than 1 outcome during the same call, the Last Leg Disposition field will indicate the last outcome.

For example, if a call comes in and is answered, and the call ends, the call is marked as Answered and the Last Leg Disposition will also indicate Answered. However, if the call is then transferred and then the user eventually Abandons (or leaves a Voicemail), the call is still marked as Answered but the Last Leg Disposition would be Abandoned (or Voicemail).