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Why don't call records match call logs in Account Manager?

Applies To 

  • Analytics for 8x8 Work


Account Manager call logs are a quick and easy alternative to viewing call data on your billing statements. You can define your start and end date, unlike month-to-month statements. As a result, Account Manager call logs track call data in a very different way from Virtual Office Analytics call detail records. 

With its advanced analytics capabilities, Analytics for 8x8 Work gives you a record of all types of calls. To access advanced call metrics (e.g., monitoring calls to Ring Groups, Auto Attendant calls, transferred calls, etc.) you can speak with your sales representative about Virtual Office Analytics.

Examples of advanced call metrics tracked by Analytics for 8x8 Work:

  • Inbound calls where a caller hangs up before the voicemail message plays
  • Calls that come into a Virtual Number through a Ring Group extension
  • Any calls routed through Ring Groups or Auto Attendants

Limitations of Account Manager Call Logs:

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