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Can the entire call journey be viewed?

Applies To

  • Analytics for 8x8 Work


The entire call journey can be seen from start to finish using the Call Detail Records report (CDR) in Call Legs mode. This report is ideal for tracing a specific call to see how the call was routed, who answered the call, the duration of the call, whether the call was placed on hold, the duration of the hold, whether the caller or callee disconnected during the hold, and more. The CDR provides information about all inbound and outbound calls processed within the time frame the user selects. Access to the call path helps you determine any patterns that may need attention within the company. Complex calls are displayed as multiple call legs. Each leg represents the call getting handled by a different service or extension.

  • Ability to select metrics: Yes
  • Ability to customize filter: Yes
  • Ability to export: Yes