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8x8 Meet Breakout Rooms FAQ


Breakout rooms allow moderators of meetings to create and assign participants to sub rooms while in a meeting.

Applies To

  • Work for Desktop
  • Work Mobile v10.14 or above
  • 8x8 Meet

Frequently Asked Questions

If the main meeting is being recorded, will the recording continue if users are being moved or are joining breakout rooms? 

If the recording is in progress in the main room then that recording will continue regardless of participants being moved or joining breakout rooms. The breakout room is a separate meeting, so if a participant is moved or joins a breakout room then that participant will no longer be recorded. 

Is it possible to record a meeting happening in a breakout room?

The recording option is not available for breakout rooms and will not be displayed in the UI. There will be no meeting summary generated for the breakout rooms, after a breakout room meeting has ended the meeting details for that room cannot be retrieved (participants list, chat history, polls history, recording files, transcription file).

Is there a limit on the number of breakout rooms?

There is no limit on the number of breakout rooms that can be created.

Are all features supported in breakout rooms? Video? Content Sharing? Reactions?

All meeting features are supported for breakout rooms except Recording and the meeting summary will not be generated for breakout rooms.

Are the max number of participants in a breakout room the same as the main room?

Yes, all participants from the main room can be moved to a breakout room. The breakout room is considered to be a separate meeting. The current maximum number of participants that can join a meeting is 500. 

Is there a way to call people back from the breakout room into the main meeting without having to enter the breakout room? 

There is no mechanism in place to call people back from the breakout room to the main room without joining that breakout room. 

  • Moderators can close a breakout room and all the participants from that room will be moved to the main room. 
  • Individual participants can exit a breakout room and join the main room. 
  • If the moderator wants to move an individual participant to the main room, then the moderator will need to join the breakout room and perform this action.

Are there any are any restrictions for participants joining a breakout room? For example Work Mobile, Work Desktop, or Work Web?

Breakout rooms can be created and joined from all platforms (Work Desktop, Work Web, Work Web, and Meet applications). The only caveat is that on mobile this feature will be available starting with Work Mobile v10.14

Participants joining from older versions of the Work Mobile app will not be able to create, be moved to, or join breakout rooms, they will remain in the main room.  

Is the CPU/GPU/Memory consumption increased for breakout rooms since it creates a separate instance of meetings?

Breakout rooms have no extra impact on the CPU/GPU/Memory consumption as the participant is never in more than one meeting at a time.

Additional Information

Instructions on how to create breakout rooms can be found here

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