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How do I create scheduled events or meetings for 8x8 Meet?


To create scheduled events or meetings for 8x8 Meet.

Applies To

  • Google Calendar
  • 8x8 Meet
  • Work for Desktop



To create a scheduled events or meetings, you will need to do it on your Google Calendar

  1. Access your Google Calendar at 
  2. Click Create to create an event.


 3. Click on Add Video Meeting.


 4. Fill up the information needed for the event.

  1. Title of the Event or Meeting
  2. Date and Time of the Event or Meeting
  3. Time zone
  4. Click drop down arrow beside "Does not repeat" for repetition to choose if you want to repeat the event or meeting Daily, Weekly on Monday, Monthly on the Fourth Monday, Annually, Every Weekday or Custom repetition.
  5. Link for Video Meeting Room. You can change the meeting link by editing it. It should always start with (eg. or Note: This link will be the one you will need to provide to your participants.
  6. You can also Log In your 8x8 Work on the Google Calendar or choose not to.
  7. Input email address of your guests so they can receive your invitation and the link of your video meeting room.
  8. Notification - You can add notifications minutes before your event or meeting. 
  9. You can set your Event Color to categorize the events or meetings.
  10. You can see the Email Content that will be sent to your Guests or Participants.
  11. Save the Event or Meeting.


 5. Your scheduled event or meeting is successfully saved once you see it on your Google Calendar already.


Additional Information

To join or access the Scheduled Meeting, click here.

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