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How to Use the Remote Control Feature in 8x8 Work


Using the remote control feature in 8x8 Video Meetings.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Video Meetings


  1. Log in to Work for Desktop.
  2. Join a Meeting. 
  3. Click More Options (three dots) on the avatar of the person whose computer you would like to remote control. 
  4. Click Remote Control.
    2019-08-15 15_55_57-Window.png
  5. This will ask the person on the receiving end to allow remote control of their desktop. They will need to click Allow or Cancel
    2019-08-15 15_15_29-Window.png
  6. They will then be asked to choose what screen they want to allow control of. Select the screen and then click Share
    2019-08-15 15_15_48-Window.png
  7. This will launch remote control of the chosen screen. 

End Remote Desktop

The user controlling the desktop can click More Options (three dots) on their avatar and then click Remote control.
2019-08-15 15_22_09-Window.png

Alternatively, either party can leave the meeting to end the remote control.

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