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Requirements to Run 8x8 Meeting Rooms


What is required to run 8x8 Meeting Rooms?

Applies To

  • 8x8 Meeting Rooms


The recommended minimum requirements are listed below.

Component Required Minimum Requirement
TV or Display Required 1080p resolution, HDMI or USB-C connectivity
Room Computer Required Mac mini or Mini PC with Quad-core with 8GB memory
Camera Required (may be bundled) 720p resolution, USB 3 or USB-C connectivity
Speaker Required (may be bundled) 3.5 mm audio or USB 3 or USB-C connectivity
Microphone Required (may be bundled) USB 3 or USB-C connectivity
Tablet Computer Recommended

iPad with iOS 12 or higher

Android tablet, running Android 8 or higher

Screen Share Adapter Recommended HDMI input, USB 3 or USB-C output
8x8 Meeting Rooms Apps Required One for room computer, one for iOS or Android in-room controller device. See Download 8x8 Meeting Rooms.

Additional Information

In many cases, these are not hard requirements. The system works without a dedicated room controller, but it is strongly recommended. Currently, the Room Controller app is only available on iOS. The screen share adapter for instant plug-in content sharing is also not required but recommended for environments where users may not have wireless access.

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