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What are 8x8 Spaces?

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  • 8x8 Spaces 


8x8 Spaces is a new feature that lets users easily join 8x8 Meet from a physical space such as a huddle or conference room. 8x8 Spaces uses standard video conference equipment configured for the room to let hosts and participants easily connect to 8x8 Meet. The solution eliminates frustrating setup and lets users focus on the meeting. 

8x8 Spaces Capabilities

  • One touch to start a new meeting or join an existing meeting.
  • Wireless content sharing.
  • Easy room control from the 8x8 Spaces app.
  • Zero-setup, plug-in screen sharing via a cable.
  • Built-in outbound dialing (useful for joining 3rd party conferences).
  • Integration with popular calendar systems: iCloud, Google, Office365, Exchange, and
  • IT administrator web-based view of assigned room licenses, current room status, and in-room user feedback reports.

8x8 Spaces Components

The table below summarizes the key components:

Component Required Use
TV or Display Required Show remote and local meeting content
Room Computer Required Loads Chrome-based Meetings Rooms app & connects all hardware peripherals
Camera Required (may be bundled) Shows in-room meeting attendees to remote participants
Speaker Required (may be bundled) Plays remote attendee audio (optional—may be built into the display)
Microphone Required (may be bundled) Receives audio from one or more room participants (may be build into the camera)
Tablet Computer Recommended Start meetings, dials, provides wireless in-room sharing and controls the room display
Screen Share Adapter Recommended Allows in-room attendees to share their computer screen via a cable (optional)
8x8 Meeting Rooms App Required Schedule, start, and control meetings using the room computer and tablet. See Download 8x8 Meeting Rooms.
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