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X Series Contact Center Upgrade FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

What changes to my 8x8 Contact Center services can I expect after the upgrade?

While this upgrade will not impact your Contact Center services and users, it will change some of your user administration processes such as creating new Contact Center agents. This will start in the 8x8 Admin Console rather than Account Manager. For more details on what that process looks like please follow this link

Will there be any changes or adjustments to my Contact Center setup?

Your 8x8 Contact Center services and setup will remain the same after the upgrade. 

What changes will my Contact Center agents experience after the upgrade?

Your Contact Center agents will not experience any changes after the upgrade. 

Will the agent or administrator links change after the upgrade? 

No, the links that agents use to login, along with the administrative portal links will remain the same after the upgrade. 

How much will this upgrade cost?  

This important upgrade is provided at no additional cost to you.

8x8 is currently rolling these upgrades out across its user base still on the Legacy platform. The date of your upgrade will be communicated to all administrators on account via email. The process of upgrading should be short and minimally impacting.

How long will the upgrade take? 

Once begun, the upgrade itself will take about 15 minutes.

Can I opt out of this upgrade?  

No, opting out of the system upgrade is not an option as it is imperative to being able to continuously improve, secure, and support your 8x8 services.

Can I change the date of my upgrade?  

No, you cannot change the date of your upgrade.

Will there be any service disruption during or after this upgrade?  


For the duration of the system upgrade process (about 15 minutes), your 8x8 system administrator portal (Account Manager) will be inaccessible. At the conclusion of the upgrade, you will have access to your new portal, 8x8 Admin Console. 

Your 8x8 services will otherwise continue to function and be available as normal.

  • Active calls during the system upgrade will stay connected.
  • Your non-admin users will not notice this upgrade.
  • There will be no changes or impact to your call flow setup.
  • There will be no changes or impacts to Work for Desktop or Work for Mobile.

Will all of my 8x8 accounts be upgraded? 

If you are the admin for multiple 8x8 accounts, you may not see all of those accounts listed in your upgrade notice email. The remainder of your accounts will get upgraded when eligible. Please expect another email notification for the rest of your accounts soon.

8x8 Admin Console may look different, but all the functionality you had before is still present. For more details on what's changed, review our guide on the X Series Upgrade Impact.

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