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X Series SIP Trunk FAQ


There are no facilities in 8x8 Admin Console to edit SIP Trunk configurations in the new X Series environment. To make modifications in the future, submit a case to the 8x8 Technical Support team.

Applies To 

  • 8x8 X Series
  • SIP Trunk

Questions & Answers

How do I change my X Series SIP Trunk configuration?

Your initial X Series SIP Trunk configuration will be set up by 8x8 Professional Services. Should you need to edit any of the following in the future, simply submit a case to 8x8 Technical Support who can make the necessary changes:

  • Edit X Series SIP Trunk configurations (such as IP address)
  • Modify the E911 emergency address
  • Assign an Admin Console claimed number to an X Series SIP trunk
  • Remove numbers from the X Series SIP Trunk and return them to Admin Console

Do I need to do anything before an upgrade from Account Manager to X Series?

No changes need to be made as the upgrade will be a seamless process. Your 8x8 services will function and be available as normal.

How do I review my usage?

All SIP Trunk CDRs will appear in your monthly bill together with their costs like other X Series services.

How do I claim a new number in Admin Console for my SIP Trunk?

  • Please follow the Claim Number Process
  • After the number has been claimed in Admin Console, please reach out to  8x8 Technical Support who can then assign it to your X Series SIP Trunk.
  • Should you later wish to use an X Series SIP Trunk number for another X Series service, simply contact 8x8 Technical Support who can then return your number to the Admin Console - Phone numbers list as an Available number.
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