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How to Set Up Sub Menus in Admin Console


Setting Up Sub Menus in Admin Console Auto Attendants. 


Applies To 

Admin Console Auto Attendants


  1. Log in to Admin Console
  2. Click on Auto Attendants
  3. Select the Auto Attendant you wish to add the sub menu to and press edit - if one does not exist, please create the required Auto Attendant. 
  4. Within the Call Handling section (bottom of the page) select which Portion of the routing you wish to add the Sub Menu to i.e Weekday, Holiday, Alternate                                                             {844793AA-F5BF-4BAA-8C2A-342877A9BBD4}.png
  5. Now, within the options keys to the right, select the Option you wish to add the Sub Menu to - if you wish to add a new option, select Add Key. 
  6. From the "Go To" drop down menu, select Sub Menu and press save. {928C77EA-C63B-44B5-9FC0-298E1FE1B181}.png.jpg
  7. Under the selected key, a sub menu will now appear. Sub menus act in the same way the main menu does and allows further keys to be added and a new recording to be play once the initial key is pressed. {2A6ED63F-211D-4E9D-BCDB-0A6A22300FA1}.png.jpg


This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this how-to.